Sunday, October 17, 2010

Miso Café ♥

Credits: Miso Café's site
Today, my cousin and I went to a cafe in Røa, called Miso Café, to try the food there. I found out that they served Korean food, and ofc,, I HAD to go :P Once I got there, I'm glad I took a chance to come. The local was small, yet so cute and relaxing. The air was light and cozyy.. We ordered a bulgogi dish, and I actually ate everything, even the vegetable! I never do that, since I hate vegetables :P So I'm actually very surprised how my interests affects me >.<
But I have to admit that the dish was delicious!
Later we ordered two "spescial" moccas, and they were a little tasteless, but if they put in a little less water, I think it's going to taste great!
This cafe has now become me and my cousin's cafe. We're going to visit this place every saturdays from now on! >.<

Highly recommend to people who live in Oslo to visit Miso Café!!
Click here for their site: Miso Café


Thursday, October 14, 2010

He finally did it!!

Song of the day:
Empty - JYJ

(From JYJ's new album The Beginning! Support JYJ and buy it from >.< )
Download link: Coming Soon!!

You are warned ;)

So, just like 30 minutes ago, I watched Playful Kiss episode 13. And guess what! OMG-D, at the end of the episode,, guess what the robot-like guy, Beak Seung Joo did..!! He kissed Oh Ha Ni! I sat on my sofa and was like.. o.O *Shock*
I can't believe he finally did it.. >.< After being so cold and everything to her earlier in the episode. But anyways. I'm really glad he finally made a move.. I mean,, poor Ha Ni was like in shattered pieces because of the "marriage-news"..*
Anyways.. Not only did he make a move, he did it under the pouring rain..!! Soo romantic..!! >.<
Look! How romantic isn't that?!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Personal Preference/Personal Taste ♥

Song of the day:
Depression of The Director by Ryo Yoshimata
(Also heard many times in Personal Preference)
Download link >.<

I finished watching Personal Preference last Sunday, but re-watched some of the episodes again and again after I was done, because I really enjoyed many moments in the drama. In my opinion, Lee MinHo really fit as the clean-freak, perfectionist, architect guy.. He really has the "face" for it :P If you know what I mean? He looked really handsome, but not the type you see hanging 24/7 on the street with his friends or something.. The guy you maybe see in the coffee shop across the street or something. I really loved his role and I fell in love with his character (not surprising, since I always do that >.<). And Son Ye Jin,, she was amazing!! I really love how she made her character go from a lame, lazy and sloppy person, to a beautiful, sofisticated yound woman. Sure, she's 28 years old this year, but still in her 20's. She act so mature and brave on the second half of the drama. And I really envy her character. She gets this guy, who seem to always wear his poker face on (and is workmaniac), to become totally in love with someone he never thought he would be in love with. And when he started to love her, he was so nice and good to her.

You are warned ;)

I mean, he proposed with a ring, hung onto a balloon string. He teases her, even knowing she loves it when she says she don't. He stand up for her, he endures her friend's request just to make her happy. And he slept in the car to avoid someone who obviously flirtes with him. Just because in his eyes, he can't see anyone but her. I mean, I would reaaally want a guy like that. Anyways, this drama is a big hit. And I highly recommend it to every k-drama lovers out there!!

I guess this is enough for now, I'll post up something soon, when I have time.. (Too much school work.. T^T)


Thursday, October 7, 2010

1 year and 6 months anniversery ♥

Credits: Google/Soompi
It has been 1 year and 6 months since I officially started to like k-pop. It has actually been 1 year and 6 months since I became a part of Cassiopeia (DBSK Fan base) too!!
It's cool right? Being addicted to something so much that it starts to grow on you and become a part of your life. That 's what happened to me. I became addicted to K-pop and K-dramas and now I'm self-learning Korean. That's why I made this blog. I want to share my interest with other people out there who has the same instrest as me. Get to know new people. So I hope I'll get many readers on this blog.
I'll work hard =)
Aja-Aja Hwaiting!! ♥